Renewable energy is energy which comes from nature such as sunlight, wind, hydroelectric, wave and geothermal energy that can be updated by nature. Nature provides a variety of energy sources is in a very large number because it is almost always there and ready to be processed into energy sources. some types of renewable energy can be described as follows:

Solar cell technology is changing sunlight into electrical energy using photovoltaics. In general, how to use solar energy is divided into two active and passive. Actively use technology that uses photovoltaic panels or solar panels to collect electricity. While the use of a passive way is to set the direction of the building, using materials that absorb heat and design buildings that are naturally facilitate air circulation within the building.

Wind power or wind power can be used also to generate electricity by using wind turbines. Modern windmills average capacity between 600kW to 5MW. The exact location for this is the area of ​​energy blustery and constant as coastal or upland areas.

Hydropower or water power can also be used to generate electricity by using a waterwheel which today is called the hydroelectric. If the electricity produced is not too large, the technology used is called microhydro, this means a maximum of electricity from generating 100kW. Technology is damless hydro electricity generating system that uses the kinetic energy of the flow of a river or ocean waves without using a dam. Ocean energy is the energy of the sea or ocean. In this case, including marine current power, ocean thermal energy is tidal power.

Biomass (plant material) is a source of renewable energy or renewable energy because this energy comes from the sun. Through the process photosintesa, plants capture solar energy. In this case the biomass serves as a solar energy storage battery.

Liquid biofuel or biofuel is divided into two bioalcohol (bioethanol) and biodiesel. Bioethanol is alcohol derived from sugar fermentation processes in plants.

Geothermal energy is energy that is generated by taking the heat of the earth. There are 3 kinds of power plants that are used to obtain energy from geothermal energy, namely dry steam, flash, and binary. Dry steam plants take steam geothermal and directly used to drive the turbines that turn a generator producing electricity. Flash plants take hot water, usually a temperature of over 200 degrees C, on the ground that then boil on the way up to the surface and then separated between hot water and steam are supplied to the turbine. For binary plants, the hot water flows through heat exchangers, boiling organic liquids which rotate the turbine. Steam is compressed and the rest of the geothermal fluid from all three methods above are injected back into the hot rock to produce more heat.

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