Definition of Machine Tool

The lathe is one type of machine tools. The working principle in the process of turning or better known as the turning process is the removal of part of the workpiece to obtain a certain shape. Here, the workpiece will be played / rotation with a certain speed in conjunction with the burial process done by chisel driven translational parallel to the axis of rotation of the workpiece. Rotary movement of the workpiece is called motion and move the pieces relative translational motion of the chisel called bait (feeding).

Component Machine Tool
Lathe basically consists of several main components include: machine table, a headstock, a tailstock, a compound slide, slide across, a toolpost, and leadscrew and others. 

Tailstock to hold or support the workpiece at the opposite ends with Chuck (pencekam) in the machining process in a lathe.
Lead crew is long threaded shaft which is located slightly below and parallel to the bench, extending from head to tail remains fixed. Connected with the gear on the fixed head and rotation can be reversed. Mounted to a carrier (carriage) and used as a director to make a screw thread and can only be removed when not in use.

Feedrod located under the steering screw that serves to channel the power of the converter box fast (quick change box) to move the apron mechanism in the transverse direction or lengthwise.

Carriage consists of a sled, chisel holder and apron. Strong construction having to support and direct the chisel cutters. Equipped with two cross slide to guide the chisel in the transverse direction. The upper spindle control and spindle movement chisel holder on to move the carrier along the runway.
Toolpost used as a place holder lathe chisel, using a chisel holder.
Headstock, which is where lay the motion transmission on a lathe that regulates rotation needed at turning process.

Dimensions and Type Lathe
Dimensions or size of the lathe is usually expressed in the diameter of the workpiece can be done on the machine. for example a size of 400 mm lathe machine has meaning can do workpieces up to 400 mm diameter. The second measure is needed on a lathe is the length of the workpiece. Some manufacturers expressed in the maximum length of the workpiece between the two center lathe, while most other states in the long factory bench. There are some variations in the types of lathes and variations in the design depends how pengoparasiannya and types of production or type of workpiece.

Seen how the operation of the lathe is divided into two types, namely lathe manual / conventional lathes and automatic lathe / lathe cnc. Manual lathe lathe machine which is operated manually process performed by humans directly, whereas atomatis lathe lathe that these utensils are automatically cut the workpiece and retreated after the process completed, where all pegerakan is set or programmed automatically by using a computer. Completely automatic lathes equipped with a tool magazine so that a number of cutting tools can be placed sequentially machined with little oversight from the operator. Automatic lathe is better known as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Lathe Machine (lathes with numerical control computer system).


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