Function and Type Miser

Function and Type Miser

Function Miser
Miser is a tool used to sharpen an object such as saws or to refine a workpiece. Miser, there are several forms, including: square stingy, miserly rectangular, triangular stingy, miserly round, half-round miserly and stingy oval.

Construction Miser
Mengkikir is a work in progress pengikiran / cutting surface of the workpiece by gear teeth miser. Miser made of forged steel containing high carbon and includes the length of section cutters and cutting teeth shape.

Specifications Miser

View of surface shape miserly consists of:

  1. Miser Rough
  2. Miser Medium
  3. Smooth miser
  4. Miser rough

Rough miser is a miser who has a rough surface and its usefulness to hone workpiece surface is rough and still have not filed.

Miser Medium
Being is stingy miser who has a surface are not too rough and not too fine. Their role to mengkikir workpiece has been filed prior to the rough miser.

Smooth miser
Subtle is stingy miser who has a smooth surface and its usefulness to the workpiece miser who has smoothed beforehand with rough stingy and miserly being.

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