Here's what assistive devices are often used in the operation of the lathe.

Flashlights and Flashlight Play Dead
Used to help support the ends of a shaft-shaped workpieces or axle or shaft. With the aim that when turner, the object does not shake, bent, vibrate or off. Certainly before the end of the axle a hole to place the flashlight.

turn the flashlight off and flashlight

use rotary center
Flashlight Pipe
Used with the same purpose but with the use of rotary flashlight flashlight dedicated pipe to pipe or axles which has a hole that can not be supported with regular rotary flashlight.

typographer pipe

Vise drill (Drill Chuck)
Kalu who is certainly all have to know. Yes, this is pencekam drill bit and that in the picture below is the capacity to gripping dai 1,5-13mm diameter. Usually there is also a 1-10mm and that can be gripped dai 3-16mm diameter.

drill chuck

pencekam bor
use the drill chuck

Collet Chuck
Chuck this model is used for gripping the drill bit in a certain diameter. She just had to loosen and tighten the settings for a particular size. Therefore, the process of change of the object that has the same size in a vise imi be faster.
Usually in a set consisting of several collet as shown below.

collet chuck

Adapter Or Gloves
Stalk flashlight, drill bits and drill chuck stalk have some degree of size. So that we can use it all at the head off the lathe, then we need to use an adapter. For example, if we want to attach 32mm drill bit straight in the head off a small lathe would not fit, then we need a deduction sheath diameter as shown below. Vice versa, if too small then we wear gloves enhancer.

adapter or gloves
Keep the buffer (Steady Rest)
Used to help hold long objects that will get workmanship section ends. Mounted on the machine bed with lockable bolts nuts. The part that holds the workpiece is made with bronze or brass so not much damage the workpiece. However should teatap lubricated during use .

steady rest (penyangga tetap)steady restpenggunaan penyangga tetap
steady rest or stand still

Running Buffer (Follow Rest)
Used to help hold the workpiece with a relatively small diameter and relatively long. Mounted on the transverse carriage / cross slide so it would move along the machine bed. Similarly, the fixed buffer, it must be lubricated during use.
 Follow rest (running buffer)
 Follow rest (penyangga berjalan)

follow rest atau penyangga berjalan
follow rest or running buffer


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