Car maintenance is a must, there are some smart ways to save money while you do it. Here are 10 ideas to save you money when it comes to car maintenance or repair shop.

Begin to know the Handbook Vehicles - In the manual is described on the proper maintenance procedures and intervals of replacement parts to always keep your car in top condition. One important thing is to know the schedule of periodic servicing recommended by the car manufacturer.

Schedule Always Right - Most car makers suggest for a car maintenance schedule in the mode of "normal" or "heavy duty". For normal use of the car and then schedule the replacement of fluids such as oil will be in accordance with the schedule specified in the manual. However, for the use of the car used daily such as taxis, car rental services, the high mobility of maintenance and replacement of parts will be more likely to occur given the "heavy duty" which is run by the car.

Check the Height Limit Oil - Although many workshops or the manufacturer recommends for every engine oil change intervals of 10,000 miles, but it is no reason you should always mengecheck limit oil level frequently. Workshops to agree on the report that they are seeing more cars coming in for oil changes with the level of oil ketinggaian them into several liters lower. This would be a disaster when it is allowed to continue and will be on the machine. However, it is normal for an old car.

Keep Water Radiator Full Fixed - When you check the condition and the oil level every month, then it should also be accompanied with a check for water in the radiator at the same time. The position of the radiator water and liquids reserves can be seen through guidebooks, usually located at the front in the combustion chamber. To note always use a special fluid to the radiator not use plain water, it is intended to prevent rust or corrosion in a short time.

Check the Battery - In general, the car battery life ranges from 3 to 5 years before it needs to be a replacement, but also depends on its use. Now there are several types of batteries that have the sort of indicator which indicates that the battery is still good, need additional fluids or need to re-charge. Although these indicators are not always accurate. One of the most common problems that can happen to your car battery is corrosion that can form on the battery terminals. If the terminal has grown proficiency level looks like a kind of moss green, then rub with a soft toothbrush and a 50-50 mixture of water and baking soda. Clean the battery terminals allow you to have a solid relationship. Make sure your battery cable is firmly attached to the terminal so that the current flow can occur perfectly and components that need electricity to function properly.

Check Your Car Bottom - check under the condition of the car, make sure you check under your car underneath shortly after you park. This is because your car carrying several different fluids to support the performance of the car so that the liquids must always be in the car and make sure there is no leak in the ground. Decrease the oil level and the condensed water droplets from the air conditioner can cause alarm. Ensure fluid dripping on the ground instead of yellow, green, red or pink. These colors are a sign of a serious problem with the car components such as brakes, transmission or cooling system.

Change Components Filters Regularly - is very important to replace the air filter and fuel filter regularly and especially on the fuel filter replacement. The most common cause of failure is because the fuel pump fuel filter is dirty. Ethanol in gasoline allows for the sediment / deposits that are under the tank so that the sediment / sediment can clog fuel filters when used. This can be prevented by not allowing the fuel tank empty and refill more often. On the other hand the air filter is not as critical as in the case of the fuel filter replacement.

Check the Tire Pressure - Buy a pressure gauge to always check the tire pressure of your car. Make sure the size according to the recommended pressure as in the guide books. By keeping the tire pressure will prevent premature wear on the tires. Press considerable tire will also memningkatkan ability to control the car. Do not fall asleep that measurement press the tire at the gas station is accurate; turns in many cases it is not so.

Keeping Your Car Appearance - If you want your car shine, so often to wash cars and twice a year disalon. It will increase the resale value of your car by maintaining the interior and exterior of your car. You will also feel better and comfortable when driving with the car clean and shiny.

Start Looking Know Car Mechanics - One of the best things you can do is the relationship with your mechanic. The cost of repair is very different from when you perform service dibengkel than you do at home of course once you have found a mechanic you can trust, especially if your budget is limited, then they can help you help and prioritize tasks of maintenance and repair.

Your car will thank you for this treatment
If you practice the 10 steps in the care and maintenance of this, then you will save and avoid financial problems. Stay informed the condition and history of your car care and always try to follow the advice of the manufacturer and the existing maintenance schedule according to the manual.
Do your good on your car, then your car will also be good for you.

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