Water Fuel

Water Fuel
The oil price hikes are lately being in kumandangkan by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and in Squeeze by board members, it seems hard now getting a response from the community. Many who reject this discourse. Whereas fuel is a very important requirement, because it can affect the price of other basic commodities. In many regions also, the student express their aspirations in a manner demonstrating.

To deal with the increase in fuel prices will soon teralisasi, now widely breakthrough for alternative fuels derived from oil. Water fuel was one of the alternatives. With the water fuel, is expected to help reduce pollution.
The biggest contributors to global warming is carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from motor vehicle exhaust. This situation is exacerbated by the lifestyle of the majority of Indonesian people who still rely on oil-fueled vehicles (BBM) as supporting day-to-day activities. Undue use of fuel but do, eventually the state must bear the burden of such actions and the creation of air pollution that can not be controlled.

Water-fueled car is a car the hypothesis that use water as fuel or turn water into a source of energy, without any other kind of energy intake. Unfortunately, water-fueled car is not in mass production.
In contrast, water-fueled car is said to take energy from the water itself, which became the foundation of the machine that rotates continuously. Cars fueled been mentioned in the history books, newspapers, and popular science magazines, and in the urban legends since the 1800s. Many stories that illustrate machines run using water, and this idea was suppressed by the large oil companies and automakers to protect their profits. Many will claim fueled power source (water-Fuelled power source) are used to obtain money from investors that gullible.
Water utilization as an alternative fuel is appropriate. Because our earth is surrounded by water. And if the tool conversion of water into fuel has been realized, then we might all be switched to fuel the water. In addition, if we run out of fuel, we do not need to push our motor to the pump. Staying alone we ask for water to people around.
In addition, the price of water is cheaper than fuel. If the fuel raises various both environmental and health impacts. It could be water fuel is not very direct impact on the environment and health.

Converter Kit for Fuel Water.
> Electrolytic carburetor Garrett
Henry Garrett of the Dallas, Texas said to demonstrate a water-fueled car, which was reported on 8 September 1935 in The Dallas Morning News newspaper. Cars that produce hydrogen through electrolysis, as can be seen by studying patents owned by Garrett, published in the same year. These patents cover picture shows the carburetor carburetor similar to regular berpelampung but with electrolysis plate in the bottom, and in places there are buoys to maintain high water.
Garrett patent fails to identify new sources of energy, so the energy of the car battery may be used for electrolyzing water into hydrogen, which is then burned. Hydrogen can be obtained from water through electrolysis with an efficiency of 50-70%. Combustion of hydrogen is converted into kinetic energy by the motor rotation with an efficiency of 25-30%. Therefore, only 10-15% of the energy taken from the battery to electrolysis which can be used to recharge the battery, even if the car is not moving. Although this car can run for a while, not long after the battery, will run until elektrolisisnya stopped and the car will stop. It would be much more efficient if the battery, only used to run the electric motor, as this is now implemented by a battery-powered cars. However, this kind of car batteries must be recharged.

> Eco Power Booster.
Student-made tool National University (UNAS) The claim is capable of saving up to 50 percent fuel.
"Solution fuel savings for motor vehicles is done by using water to generate electricity by using dry cell HHO. Fuel saver or HHO generator we call Eco Power Booster. Eco economical and efficient means. While Power Booster can boost the speed of the vehicle means, "said Dean FTS UNAS, Ir. Paragraph Sudrajat, MT, in Jakarta.
Eco Power Booster is able to reduce fuel consumption, thus making the mileage per liter of fuel even greater, with savings of between 20-70 percent.
"For example, typically for one liter of gasoline could reach 10 kilometers. With this tool, the vehicle can travel up to 20 kilometers, "explains Head of Laboratory FTS UNAS, Eddy Arifin.
In addition, Eco Power Booster can also minimize exhaust emissions (CO and CO2 gases) that are harmful to the environment by 50 percent. This makes it environmentally friendly. Motor vehicle performance also improved and able to reduce the working temperature of the engine and reduce the heat that is exposed to the air.
Eddy added, these findings are not fully used fuel derived from water. However, the use of water in the Eco Power Booster, helps reduce fuel usage. Principles for developing water as energy is to turn it into its constituent compounds are hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). Electrolysis of water into the basic principles to convert water into its constituent compounds. H2 gas electrolysis proceeds are used as energy fuel has a higher combustion rate, compared with other energy. Eco Power Booster technology is superior to other similar technologies because it does not heat even if switched on for 24 hours.

Advantages and disadvantages
Fuel (BBM)
- The primary requirement of each individual.
- Moving the wheel of life.

- It is estimated, a source of fuel oil will run out around 20 years.
- Emissions from the exhaust gases can be harmful to health.
- The main contributor to global warming.
- Must take a long queue if there is the issue of price rise.

Water Fuel
- With the use of Eco Power Booster can minimize exhaust emissions (CO and CO2 gases) that are harmful to the environment by 50 percent.
- Natural Resources Water is inexhaustible.

- Eco Power Booster is not mass produced.

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