Sharpening chisel is part of the technique and also part of the art. In this tutorial lathe we learned is sharpening HSS lathe chisel. HSS lathe chisel is sold in a state disks (not made cutting edges). The available sizes typically ranging from 5/16 ", 3/8", 1/2 "and so on (cross-section) and length 2", 4 ", 6" and so on.


There are four steps that must be taken to create a lathe chisel face right, we will use the example in the case of sharpening HSS this time, namely:

  • grinding at the end
  • hone his left side
  • grinding the upper side
  • rounded edges
model shows part grinded
First we will grind the front of this HSS rod (the yellow part of the model above). Use coarse grinding stone. Position the chisel slightly tilted to the left of 10-15 degrees. It inni will make liberator angle, so that not all parts of the chisel into contact with the workpiece later.
1.A step

step 1.b

chisel into heat

Grinding process makes chisel into heat, then we need to occasionally into to liquid cooling for approximately 15 seconds.
Below is a picture after the first grinding process.
step 1.c
The second step, we will grind the cutting edges, because the chisel that we make the right cutting tool cutting edges on the left (shown in red on the model). The procedure is basically the same except that we hold about hand tools with an angle of 10 degrees to the grinding wheel.
step 2.a

step 2.b

step 2.c
The third step, we will make the chips discharge angle on the upper side, the models are shown in blue. In this step, we must be careful, do not let the side pieces, namely the left side and upper meetings, participate swept grinding stone. If it happens then the height of the cutting edges will be reduced or lower than the chisel body itself, it can still use it, but it probably will require additional mounting plate while adjusting.
step 3.a
The fourth and final step is to round the tip of the cutting edges. For normal duty lathe, the tip is too sharp cutting edge as shown above will not last long. Therefore we have to make it have a small radius to be used in fairly deep burial. Approximately shape as shown 4.b.

step 4.a

step 4.b

the final result
Finally, a right-hand chisel, chisel most commonly used lathe has finished. The figure below shows an example of the use of the chisel.

For a given material, the slope of the cut angle, angle of chips and liberator disposal, may require a different size.


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